Asia Sewing Machines is well known for:

  • The sales and services of industrial sewing machines
  • Sales and services of sewing industry related machineries. Eg: Computerized embroidery machine, Fusing machines. etc
  • Sales of sewing accessories and haberdasheries.
  • Suppliers of a wide range of sewing spares and attachments.
  • Sales of a wide range of sewing yarns

Unique trademark press fabric device; can sew various shapes of soft and hard trademark; like the jackets, suits and other apparel's trademark, with zig-zag sewing and "E"-shaped seam pattern; 6.4-inch touch type display, easy operation, complete functions; sewing speed up to 2,500 rpm, semi-rotary double size hook, with a high volume of foot lift, with quick response, precise stop position to be ensured by direct-drive-style head; has excellent sewing performance, all these greatly improved the production efficiencyIn addition, TC130-2010 is suitable to the current popular big area sewing. Large memory capacity and easy observation of a large touch screen. So that the operation quality and efficiency is well improved and increased.

Base on the current high-end interlock sewing machine, typical made
the following new design; upper shaft is driven by mini motor directly,
saving more energy; needle bar stroke 31mm 33mm adjustable, suitability is increased. Thread cam easily unfixed; one machine
owns functions like seam covering, folding over, tape binding etc.

Novel outline and rational stress structure produce a top quality stitch with low noise and shake as even sewing at high speed. GC6150M High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine (for medium-weight materials)


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